Executive Facilities - Soft Services

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  • CTC basis last paypack max upto 5.50 LPA+ Annual Company shares of £750 + Dividend on shares + free meals + free books +free cabs between 8 pm to 8 am
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  • Gurugram
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    Executive – Facilities- Soft Services



     Assistant Facility Manager / Facility Manager



    To carry out administrative and Facilities function to the designated facility under the guidance and instruction of immediate Reporting Officer
    To ensure timely and accurate completion of various facility related reports and work pertaining to assigned Facilities


    Eligibility :- Any graduate or undergraduate may apply with minimum 2 year of relevant experience with gap not exceeding 30 days. Date of joining 10th Oct 2022 or ASAP.



    Be accessible for escalation of all FM related issues during the shift
    Oversee the Helpdesk work process during the shift
    Ensure immediate response to Priority Calls
    Ensure planning and execution of all preparation required for shift/s.
    Oversee the Housekeeping Services during the shift
    Muster all the housekeeping staff of the shift before deployment and communicate the priorities/action of the day and address complaints
    Monthly attendance checks of 3rd party staff and coordinate for CLRA compliances on monthly basis and submit with FM post review and receipt.
    Take rounds of the Facility to ensure high standards of housekeeping and upkeep
    Inspect the turn out and attendance of the staff and sign the shift register
    To ensure that the Check List are filled on regular basis by the HK Supervisor and crossed verified by you on daily basis
    Oversee Cafeteria Services during the shift
    Ensure cafeteria Check Lists are maintained during the shift regularly
    Ensure cafeteria operations are running smoothly to include proper cleaning of tables, chairs, floor, vending machines, bins, microwave etc .prior to the meal start time.


    Oversee the Security Function:
    Ensure All guards are present on posts
    Ensure proper turn out for the guards before deployed on shift
    Ensure the guards possess duty cards
    Give structured briefing to the security supervisor & guards on discipline, duty, courtesy, etc
    Ensure the keys to important rooms / cabins /  are kept in ready condition
    Ensure all security registers are properly maintained


    SEZ Function:


    Ensure all new intakes get their ID, Access and SEZ cards on day 1 and within a week respectively.


    All SEZ cards are renewed before expiry date, tracker is maintained and updated real time.


    Material entry/exit, permissions preparation for SEZ, SEZ record maintenance.


    Ordering and maintenance of stationary on monthly basis.


    Ordering fruits and food as per shift roasters and give weekly MG to vendor and ensure correct quantity and quality is received .


    Oversee the pantry equipment and reprographic equipment operations during the shift and identify issues and take necessary actions
    Communicate to the next shift as well as the FM through the shift log book all incidents issues and pending problems of the shift and handover formally to the next shift executive , if applicable.
    Take rounds of the facility regularly to identify issues in Housekeeping and Cafeteria etc and initiate immediate rectification actions
    To prepare the snag list Soft copy date wise and coordinate with BMS,FE Tech  and housekeeping to close the noticed points.
    Proper check on vending machines and photocopier machine reading.
    To check food quantity, and Food testing before lunch/Dinner starts
    Coordinating for Medical Emergencies as and when required
    Ensure immediate response to priority calls
    Manage the Inventory Control of all facility related items.
    Maintain Proper Log Book and mention the follow up jobs if pending for the next shift.
    Log book / checklists to be shown and signed by F.M every morning.
    Identify any repair and maintenance related issue during facility rounds and coordinate with FE Tech to ensure the issue is rectified at the least possible time and ensure there is no business impact.
    Managing daily work distribution, resolving team member queries, providing assistance regarding escalated issues.
    Focus team activities which involved cost benefit analysis and penalties incurred to the service providers due to underperformance with respect to agreed levels of service as per contract.
    Reports & Returns on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
    Prepare consumption reports on a daily basis.
    Responsible for the arrangements of various events, meetings, within facility  and organizing external venues.
    Regular engagements with employees on the floor, to understand their problems and resolving their concerns
    Adherence of TAT while providing the services to users.
    Vendor management
    Tracking on billing clearance with in the timelines to the vendor. 
    Ability to be on call for emergencies during evenings, weekends and/or holidays.
    Perform quality control inspections to ensure adherence to contract specifications and industry standards.
    Supervision of entire infrastructure to facilitate excellent working condition for all the employees
    Managing customer service operations for rendering and achieving quality services.
    Responsible for resolving employees complaints on performance bottlenecks.
    Ensuring continuous interaction with the employees to make sure that area of concern can be worked upon for improved service levels.
    Ensuring the closure of the snags.
    Leading & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in operations and meeting of individual & group targets.
    Identifying and implementing strategies for building team effectiveness by promoting a spirit of cooperation between team members.





    Efficient Handling of  overall cleanliness in the facility at all times
    Security procedure followed properly
    HK consumables / pantry consumables managed well within prescribed limits and ensuring there is no wastage
    No courier / material entry/exit related queries in that month
    Reports on time
    Zero stock out situation
    Ability to get the work completed assigned timely and within time frame as set by the manager
    Camaraderie within peers, respect to seniors, and displaying professional qualities
    Closure of helpdesk, cleaning & other  complaints
    Good working knowledge of Microsoft excel, word and Power point. Working experience of MIS management.
    Highest level of Integrity expected in this role
    Sets high standards of performance for self ; assumes responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments given without depending on others.

  • Closing Date
  • 09/10/2022